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It's the best ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill & smoker on the market, with 7 convenient sizes!

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By completing this training and becoming a Certified EGGspert, we are confident that you will enjoy great success when selling our successful and growing brand. The Big Green Egg Training System includes an online course library featuring a series of mini-lessons with a short quiz at the end of each lesson.

Each course should take you about 20-30 minutes on average. You can start and stop at any time without losing your place.

In the first course, Getting to Know the Big Green Egg, you will learn:
  • Lesson 1: What is the Big Green Egg?
  • Lesson 2: How does the EGG work?
  • Lesson 3: What can I cook with a Big Green Egg?
  • Lesson 4: What is 100% Natural Lump Charcoal?

In the second course, The Big Green Egg Product Line, you will learn:
  • Lesson 1: The history of the Big Green Egg
  • Lesson 2: Meet the EGG family
  • Lesson 3: Supports for the Big Green Egg
  • Lesson 4: The convEGGtor, the ultimate EGGcessory
  • Lesson 5: The full line of EGGcessories

In the third course, Top Tools to Help You Sell the Big Green Egg, you will learn:
  • Lesson 1: Role Playing in a Retail Environment
  • Lesson 2: Advantages of the EGG over other types of cookers
  • Lesson 3: Price vs Value
  • Lesson 4: Warranty Coverage
  • Lesson 5: Best-in-Class Customer Support
  • Lesson 6: About the EGGhead Community

In the fourth course, How Big Green Egg Supports the Dealer, you will learn:
  • Lesson 1: Easy Maintenance
  • Lesson 2: Common Troubleshooting Tips
  • Lesson 3: Demonstration Strategy
  • Lesson 4: LifeStyle Magazine, Brand Identity Kit Materials, EGGsite
  • Lesson 5: Employee Purchase Program

By completing these courses you’ll become an informed resource for all of your EGG customers … and a Certified EGGspert!
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