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In this fourth short course, How Big Green Egg Supports the Dealer, you wil
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In this course you'll learn about Maintenance, Troubleshooting Tips, Demonstration Strategy, Brand Id Kits, EGGsite (how to use) and the Employee Purchase Program.


Although the Big Green Egg is virtually maintenance free and built to last a lifetime – and our warranty stands behind that claim – there are always going to be questions from customers about those topics.

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Length: 5 minutes
Complexity: Standard

When something is made as well as the Big Green Egg, there is not much to go wrong, but every once in a while something comes up that requires attention or an adjustment to keep the EGG performing at peak efficiency.

The idea of demonstrating not only how the EGG works, but giving customers a sample of the delicious results it produces, literally goes way back to the early days of the company when founder Ed Fisher would stand outside his small retail store and attract customers with the aromas coming from his EGG cooking on the sidewalk.

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Length: 4 minutes
Complexity: Standard

Big Green Egg takes pride in offering our Authorized Dealers an exceptional product that stands in a class of its own for quality, performance, retailer profits and customer satisfaction, and we support them throughout the year with many traffic-building marketing efforts.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets the EGG apart, and we are confident that your knowledge and expertise will lead to great success when representing our successful and growing brand.