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In this course you'll learn about the entire EGG family and EGGcessories. Plus find out where the EGG originates from.


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Length: 4 minutes
Complexity: Easy

The EGG is really the first cooker of this type that was successfully adapted for modern cooking convenience, since the origins of a closed dome cooking vessel go back thousands of years in various parts of Asia and India.

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Length: 7 minutes
Complexity: Standard

The Big Green Egg is not only the most versatile outdoor cooker on the planet, it’s also available in many sizes to fit any customers need and budget.

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Length: 9 minutes
Complexity: Standard

The Big Green Egg product line also includes unique, customized EGG furniture, from the durable powder-coated metal EGG Nest to hardwood tables and a high-quality aluminum and steel Custom Cooking Island with water-tight storage cabinets … all designed and engineered to work perfectly with your EGG for years of enjoyment!

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Length: 3 minutes
Complexity: Easy

The convEGGtor® was designed for indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg by providing a heat-directing barrier between the food and the hot coals, instantly transforming an EGG into an outdoor convection oven

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Length: 4 minutes
Complexity: Standard

Just like a Ferrari without wheels or a recliner without armrests, it is the line of unique EGGcessories that enhances and completes the Ultimate Cooking Experience for your customers!