Baking on the EGG: Bread and Beyond!

They don’t call it the “staff of life” for no reason. Bread – that most basic of foods – is truly life-sustaining. Since the Egyptians first baked bread using flour, water and yeast in about 4,000 B.C., bread has been a vital food for people around the globe. Today, “bread” includes everything from world-famous New York bagels to packaged loaf bread, Indian naan, crusty French baguettes, Southern-style biscuits and Johnnycakes that originated in Native American culture. Pizza is considered a flatbread – it can go from simple (brushed with olive oil and dressed with some herbs) to laden with almost any ingredient you can think of.

When you think of baking on the EGG, think beyond bread – although we have plenty of bread recipes for you to consider – and try our Prosciutto, Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza or, for a sweet ending to a meal, Coconut Cake or Andrea Bemis’s Rustic Peach & Thyme Galette.

Our newest LifeStyle magazine is out and available at dealers, but you can access it here and read more about Andrea, her farm, her cookbook and the inspiration for her galette.

In Chicago, pizza is the staff of life!

Chicago’s famous deep-dish pies trace their origin to 1943 when the first one – “thick as a sewer lid and almost as heavy” – showed up on a restaurant menu.* The Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder restaurant offers a novel twist on Chicago-style pizza: its famous “pizza potpies.” Watch our video on how to make our version of their Open-Faced Spaghetti Pot Pie. It’s not “pizza,” but it does use traditional pizza ingredients – dough, cheese, tomato sauce, basil – enhanced with angel hair pasta for baked deliciousness from the EGG.

*Chicago Tribune

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Asparagus at its peak

Native to the coastal regions of Europe, northern Africa and Asia, asparagus has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years, and was brought to North America by European settlers in the 1700’s. A good source of fiber, folic acid and potassium, it’s even better when paired with brie cheese and bacon. Here’s a video for Shaved Asparagus, Brie and Bacon Flatbread on the EGG.

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Yes, the EGG really is already a pizza oven. Watch this short video on pizza basics from “Dr. BBQ.”

Baking on the EGG requires the right tools for the best results. Check out our Pizza and Baking Stones, good from everything from bread to dessert, our convEGGtor and our variety of Pizza EGGccessories.

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